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Microbes Book Presentation for Book Week Scotland 2018


On Monday 19th November, I did a Microbes book presentation as part of Book Week Scotland 2018 at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The event was fully booked, filled with 400 school kids and teachers. It was the biggest crowd I’ve ever presented too. Thank you to everyone who came!

I spoke about how I got into microbiology and creating Microbes. I also briefly talked about four groups of microbes that my book covers including bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa. The talk was broken up with images from the book, a live demonstration of a science experiment, and microbes themed videos.





Towards the end, I answered questions and signed books. Another thanks go out to everyone who purchased the book that day! Your enthusiasm and support mean so much. 🙂

If you didn’t get a chance to buy the book, you can purchase it online through Amazon, Waterstones, or through my publisher, Thunderstone Books.


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Book Week Scotland 2018

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while! I’m back with more Microbes action!

On Monday 19th November at 10am I will be doing a live book presentation at Glasgow’s Mitchell Library as part of Book Week Scotland 2018. Yay!

I will be talking about my book and the fascinating world of Microbes. In addition, I’ll be conducting a couple of Microbes themed science activities, and I shall get members of the audience to help me! The activities include self-inflating balloons using yeast, growing bacteria in petri dishes, and demonstrating how to protect yourself against nasty colds and viruses!

selfinflating balloon.jpg
Self-Inflating Baloon Activity – A simple fun experiment you can do at home using yeast, sugar, warm water, a plastic bottle and a balloon!

At the end of the presentation, there will be a Q&A followed by book signings. (I’ll be doodling a microbe in every book!) You can also pick up a free bookmark designed by me!bookmarks.jpg

I hope you can join me!

Till next time,