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Welcome to the Microbes blog! My name is Amy and I’m the creator of Microbes!

Microbes is a fun and educational book on Microbiology. It is suited for children aged around 8-12 years old, but can be enjoyed by adults too! Its six chapters offer an interesting insight into different groups of microbes including bacteria, virus, fungi, algae, archaea and protozoa. The book features a wide range of playful characters with easy to understand information, and colourful yet simple design to make learning stimulating, engaging, but ultimately fun!

Microbes will be published by Thunderstone Books, a children’s educational publisher ( It will be released at the beginning of December, but it will be available to pre-order mid-November. Leading up to the release date, I’ll be sharing special content on this blog including excerpts from the book and playful content like drawings and animations!

I’m super excited to share more to do stay tuned! 🙂

Till next time,